Clatter Press

Risograph printing in Columbus, Ohio

Risograph printing, originating in Japan, is a unique process that combines the vivid colors and artistic quality of screenprinting with the efficiency of more commercial forms of printing.

In addition to its looks, riso is also one of the most environmentally friendly forms of printing: our soy-based inks are low-VOC, easily recyclable, and require no solvents or chemicals during cleanup.

More and more frequently artists and designers are using the risograph’s wonderful qualities to realize their work.

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Clatter Press is the collaborative project of sister-and-brother team Dempsey Ewan and Nigel Ewan. Nigel graduated with a BFA in Advertising and Graphic Design from the Columbus College of Art & Design, where Dempsey is currently pursuing the same thing.

Their desire to make cool printed things, by themselves, in small print runs, with cool, bright ink colors, led them naturally to the riso process. They are learning to love its quirks and difficulties. Dempsey and Nigel are excited to work with artists and designers to fill Columbus with interesting, beautiful things.